How to Take a Holiday Break with a Loved One with Alzheimer’s

For carers of Alzheimer’s patients, the holidays bring two different kinds of exhaustion—the first is necessary preparation like grocery shopping, cooking, and decorating; the other one is attending to a loved one with Alzheimer’s. In Australia, families hire home care workers for extra assistance, or if they live around the Sandbelt region, they may admit their loved ones into Cheltenham aged care agencies that provide respite care. If you’re neither of the two, here are some safety measures you can take to have a no-worries holiday:

Security first

Aging means more risk of minor accidents and injuries. While a nursing home in Cheltenham may have a better security system, you can accident-proof your home. If your loved one is living with you, this is still not a guarantee that they are safe. Here are some tips to keep them safe:

  • Set some safe spots where your loved one can sit around
  • Watch out for some tangled electrical cords
  • If possible, buy some anti-slip mats and rugs
  • Put candles in glasses with water
  • Don’t use food-shaped Christmas lights and decorations as they might look edible

Be more considerate with sound

Alzheimer’s patients get overwhelmed with sound during holidays. This can’t be prevented since people would eventually come to your homes and the atmosphere would become joyous. If you’re considering respite care for a day or two, the aged care agency Arcare offers a holiday service for those who live near Metro Melbourne. They have a Holiday Assist package that’s available between Decembers and the end of February.

On the other hand, if you want to be with your loved one during holidays, you can always take these sound-related precautions to be more considerate:

  • Let your children play in a separate area where they can make noise
  • Remind visitors to keep it cool with their approach as Alzheimer’s patients easily adapt to moods
  • When having house parties, name tags are a must to make your loved one comfortable
  • Don’t forget to assign a safe, quiet spot in the house for them to relax

If you have many family members and most are children, it’s better to plan ahead in getting a Cheltenham personal aged care assistant. The worker may assist your loved one in domestic tasks if you’re doing a lot of work during holidays.

Modify staircase 

It’s usually suggested by Cheltenham aged care agencies that you keep your loved one in the ground floor rooms to avoid staircase slips. Just to be safe, give your stairs anti-slip treatments. Make sure the railings are not wobbly. Tighten it if signs of wobbliness show. 

Sit down and talk

Talking about memories would warm up anybody. You can absolutely let your loved one join a lovely discussion while sitting by the fireplace with warm cookies and milk. The communities for agedcare Cheltenham has today practice social engagement for those residents who have special needs like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. Cheltenham aged care therapists highly suggest a set of activities in Reminiscent therapy. Arcare

Here are some home activities you can do in Reminiscent therapy:

  • Sit by the fire place and share Christmas stories.
  • You and the other members of the family can start, so your loved one can chime in later.
  • Decorate your place with old family photos and memorabilia.
  • Include them in fun but simple games that involve memory and language challenges.
  • Play their favorite Christmas songs.
  • Cook traditional finger food. You can also include them in making simple food like mashed potato if they’re still able or in the early stages of Alzheimer’s.

The secret to taking a break with Alzheimer’s is planning ahead. Being prepared will keep you from half-heartedly enjoying that eggnog.