Restore Your Natural Beauty at the Most Trusted Microdermabrasion Clinic in Perth

Looking for an excellent microdermabrasion treatment in Perth? The procedure has become a top choice for many looking for a non-invasive way of attaining smoother skin, without using artificial chemicals, or going through a terrifying surgical procedure. The nurses or estheticians at the microdermabrasion clinic Perth service make use of fine abrasives and suction machines to get rid of the top layer of the dead skin in a selected body part, leaving behind skin that is smoother, softer and rejuvenated. Best of all, this is not a long-winding procedure and takes less than an hour. You do not have to worry about sitting through harrowing hours on your skin treatments. This is something that you can even do over a lunch break as it does not require recovery time. Visit the microdermabrasion clinic Perth situated at the Suite 9/140 in the Grand Boulevard, Joondalup and see the results for yourself!

microdermabrasion clinic perth

microdermabrasion clinic perth

How The Microdermabrasion Procedure Works

The process is relatively pain-free. Lie comfortably on a couch and let the dermatologist clean and dry your skin. A sterile probe is used to apply a gentle but powerful suction on the skin surface.  This is done to exfoliate the dead cells on your skin surface and open up the skin pores. This will suck out the oily sebum substance and other debris that are in your skin pores.

The treatment is performed on the skin’s epidermis or the top most layer of dead skin cells. This means that you do not have to worry about any side effects like scarring. With almost zero recovery time, you can walk into a treatment procedure and walk out to proceed with your daily life. Even the cleansing process done on the skin pores is 100% safe when performed by a professional. This cleansing process removes the dead cells without causing damage on the skin surface or other surrounding tissues. The worst that you can grapple with is a windblown look which disappears after a day or two.  You will not experience any discomfort after the treatment operation.

The microdermabrasion clinic Perth service performs many other cosmetic treatments such as the IPL photorejuvenation Perth service. This is a breakthrough treatment that involves the rejuvenation of the skin to remove a variety of skin conditions including the skin freckles, sun damage, redness, and broken capillaries amongst others.  Many patients are generally quite apprehensive about this procedure but the microdermabrasion clinic Perth professionals carry this out with a great deal of expertise.  Other cosmetic treatments provided at the Evolve Cosmetic Clinic in Perth include IPL hair removal, skin needling, facial therapies, dermal fillers, and wrinkle injections Perth treatments amongst others.

The wrinkle injections are also a popular aesthetic treatment in Perth. These get rid of the lines appearing on your face giving you a great youthful look.  The injections are completely safe, quick and very affordable so you do not have to break the bank to get that desired youthful look.  The process involves the injection of some proteins into the muscles that produce the wrinkles.  These proteins will prevent the nerve impulses from reaching the wrinkled area and as a result, the muscles relax and the wrinkles disappear. The injections are very precise and are delivered only on the affected area.

Contact the Evolve Cosmetic Clinic at 08 93015761 or visit to get the best quality wrinkle injections and other cosmetic procedures in Perth.

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