How to Achieve a Delicious, Natural Pout

Looking sexy and desirable starts with the lips. Today, women can effortlessly have the most-coveted Angelina Jolie pout with the help of the latest fullips lip plumper.

fullips lip plumper

If having full lips before meant going under the knife and bearing the scary cosmetic surgery procedures, then it will be a relief to women to finally discover the way to natural lip enhancement. Yes, forget about the injections and the chemicals that are known to have caused harm and severe side effects to women over the years. With fullips lip enhancer available in the market, looking sexy IS made easy, simple and safe.

For a better definition, fullips lip plumper is a self-suction lip plumbing tool. It appears to be similar to a typical bottle cap but with a wider mouth and deeper hole to it. Made from lightweight and non-abrasive materials, it assures to keep the lips and the skin around it safe and unharmed in any way.

Read below and find out how the latest craze in women’s beauty should be properly used:

1. Find the right size and shape. Every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, and this goes the same with the kind of lips she was born with. There are women with thin lips, small lips and long lips. With this in consideration, fullips lip enhancer was designed to cater to all these differences. Now it’s up to the woman to choose between an oval or a round lip plumper, that can also come in medium and large sizes. Bear in mind that these create different effects upon use –  large and round ones can cover both the upper and lower lips and therefore give a full pout, while smaller oval-shaped ones target specific areas of the lips.

2. Keep it clean. Before even putting the fullips lip plumper on the mouth, make sure that the tool is sanitized. There are no special cleaning methods to be used, nor cleaning solutions either. Rubbing the lip plumper with mild soap and rinsing with water before using is all that’s needed. Together with preparing the enhancer, the mouth should also be clean and moisturized. The surrounding area of the mouth must have enough moisture to be able to grip the lip enhancer and at the same time, assure no pain upon removal. A great tip is to exfoliate the skin around the mouth with a soft toothbrush or just wet with water prior to trying to use.

3. Use daily. These modern day beauty tools only give temporary effects. For some, the pout and fullness of the lips can last from 1-4 hours while others say that it stays longer than that. Having said that, this can be used at any time of the day or as frequently as one chooses to. Because it’s super small, it can quickly be stashed inside the pouch and  taken out when needing that extra “ooompph!”. Since the procedure is simple,  anyone can just step inside the bathroom and step out feeling sexier afterwards. These are quick fixes and instant remedies that are perfect for the women of today.

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